Australia Becomes MFO Donor

Australia has agreed to become a financial donor and is committed to providing fiscal support for 3 years starting in MFO FY 2013 (October 1, 2012-September 30, 2013).

Australia has made many contributions to the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) over the years. This has included participation in an ANZAC helicopter unit in 1982-1986, contribution of a Force Commander, LTG David Ferguson (1994-7), and a current Australian contribution of 25 personnel in specialized roles on the staff of the Force Commander, led by an Australian deputy Chief of Operations.

The MFO has been advised that Australia, through the Ministry of Defence, will provide US$500,000 of funding to the MFO in each of the three years, earmarked for force protection-related expenses. Australia joins Norway and the United States in being both a troop and financial contributor to the MFO.

The MFO's Director General, Ambassador David Satterfield, welcomed this increased Australian support for the MFO mission. He stated that "Australia's commitment to the MFO is long standing, and this decision only strengthens Australia's support for our mission of peace. My visit to Canberra in February 2012 confirmed that Australia has a keen appreciation of both the importance of our peacekeeping role and of the compelling case for broadening our sources of funding, particularly to help us continue to address recent security challenges in conducting our mission. The MFO is busier than it has ever been in the service of the Treaty of Peace, and this recognition of our work is greatly appreciated."