COVID-19 Update

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the MFO remains actively engaged with the Treaty Parties, Egypt and Israel, and receives the full cooperation necessary to carry out our mission, including our monitoring and verification operations.

While we have taken careful precautions to limit the exposure of our personnel to the virus, on June 21 and 22, 2020, our testing procedures revealed additional cases of COVID-19 among local national staff based at our South Camp. The individuals identified by the testing were all asymptomatic. In response to the test results, we took immediate measures to quarantine the individuals in question. With assistance from the Egyptian Ministry of Health, these individuals were transferred into the care of Egyptian public health services. Our other main base, Forward Operating Base-North, and our remote sites currently have no virus cases.


In response, we have carefully reviewed our control measures, including access, screening, sanitization, social distancing, testing, and isolation protocols. As a result, we have further limited access to our camps and facilities, instituted additional procedures to prevent the spread of the virus, and expanded testing of our personnel. We have also invited experts from the Egyptian Ministry of Health to visit and evaluate all the anti-COVID measures we have in place. Through this tightening and expanding of our procedures, we intend to further reduce opportunities for introducing and spreading the virus at our facilities and among our personnel.


Both Treaty Parties continue to provide us with access to excellent medical care and facilities in their countries for COVID and non-COVID cases of illness or injury. Additionally, they continue to provide the support we need to sustain both our camps and remote sites, and all MFO facilities are well-provisioned to maintain operations.