Exceptional Japanese Funding

Japan was the MFO’s initial Donor State; Japan has provided an annual contribution to the MFO since our Fiscal Year (FY) 1989.  On an extraordinary basis, now for the second year in a row, Japan has agreed to provide the MFO with additional funding to complete urgently needed force protection projects.  

On 10 February 2016, the MFO received $1,655,500 in supplemental funding for MFO FY 2016 (Japanese FY 2015) for protective works at our North Camp, located at el Gorah, North Sinai. These works will complete a series of Hesco barriers to protect MFO accommodations, work areas, and key infrastructure on North Camp, a project initiated with a previous extraordinary grant received last FY.  


The MFO is very grateful for Japan’s long-standing support of our peacekeeping mission and for this timely, generous, and exceptional donation.