Exchange of Notes between the Government of Japan and the MFO

The MFO welcomes the Cabinet Decision of the Government of Japan, on 2 April 2019, to dispatch two personnel from the Self-Defense Forces of Japan to serve as Liaison Officers on the MFO Force Commander’s staff in the Sinai.


Following that decision, the Japanese Ambassador Keiichi Katakami and the MFO’s Director General, Ambassador R. Stephen Beecroft, signed and exchanged Notes, in Rome, on 3 April 2019, to implement this dispatch. The MFO is very pleased that the Government of Japan has extended its support of the MFO, in response to the Director General’s request, to include the provision of personnel to serve on the staff of the Force Commander in the Sinai.

Japan has been a financial contributor to the MFO since 1988. The MFO greatly values Japan’s steadfast contributions to the MFO and its efforts to ensure peace and stability between Egypt and Israel.