Fulfillment of the MFO Mission

The MFO continues to fulfill its mission to observe, verify and report in the four Treaty Zones.  To keep our personnel as safe as possible, the MFO constantly assesses the security situation in its area of operations and, as necessary, adjusts its operations and logistics; we have a robust program for protection of our personnel and locations.

MFO supplies are satisfactory, and we continue to maintain a good quality of life for personnel serving with us, subject to the constraints that circumstances may impose on movement on certain routes at certain times. The MFO Force and Observers are conducting a mission that is of critical importance to both the Treaty Parties, in verifying significant Egyptian military deployments in the Sinai under the Treaty of Peace and related arrangements and agreements, and in using its “best efforts” to maintain and enhance a climate of trust and confidence in continuing achievement of the objectives of the Treaty and its Protocol creating the MFO.

Additional background is available in our latest annual report and elsewhere on this website.