Japan provides the MFO with exceptional supplemental force protection funding for a third year in a row

Japan has provided the MFO with renewed supplemental funding in our Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 (Japanese FY 2016) amounting to $1,666,650.   As in the prior two FYs,  this money will be applied to urgent force protection needs as the MFO continues its mission of peace and confidence building in the midst of ongoing security challenges.  This year’s contribution will provide funding for construction of a new perimeter fence and related security features at our main South Camp in Sharm el Sheikh.  Supplemental funding received from Japan in MFO FYs 2016 and 2015 were applied towards critical protective works at our Forward Operating Base North (previously our North Camp).

Japan has provided an annual contribution to the MFO’s general operating budget since our FY 1989 and was the MFO’s initial Donor State. The supplemental contributions in this and prior FYs for Force Protection are additional to this annual donation. The MFO very much appreciates Japan’s long-standing support of our peacekeeping efforts and for its exceptional support for the security and well-being of our personnel as they assist the Treaty Parties in maintaining and fostering their great partnership in peace in challenging times.