Retirement of MFO Deputy Director General K. Scott Gudgeon

On 31 January 2020, MFO Deputy Director General K. Scott Gudgeon retired after nearly 35 years of service to the MFO. On that date, the MFO Director General presented Mr. Gudgeon with the MFO Distinguished Service for Peace Award, the highest honor the MFO can confer.

Mr. Gudgeon began his work with the MFO on 19 October 1984, first as General Counsel and after 16 July 1988 as Deputy Director General. During the course of his career, he ably advised and supported six MFO Directors General in the effective management of the organization, the conduct of its mission, and the fostering of peace between Egypt and Israel. His profound understanding of those founding documents was invaluable in establishing the MFO’s role and its policies on a wide range of matters, ensuring the efficient functioning of the organization and guiding the MFO as a fair and impartial arbiter of the peace. His steadfast leadership helped to reshape and guide the MFO Force in Sinai through profound changes in the security environment and to ensure continued effective monitoring of compliance with the Peace Treaty. Mr. Gudgeon’s encyclopedic knowledge of the MFO and his deep-seated belief in the value of its mission, together with his engaging humor and warm personality, earned the respect and friendship of the Treaty Parties and were vital to communicating the ongoing importance of the MFO’s mission and sustaining international political, military, and financial support.