The Czech Republic Joins the MFO Family of Troop Contributing States

At the annual Trilateral Meeting of the Multinational Force and Observers, held in Rome on November 16-17, the Director General, Ambassador David Satterfield, has announced that the MFO and the Czech Republic have concluded an agreement on Czech participation in the MFO. Czech officers will begin deployment this month to the Force in the Sinai where they will take up key positions on the staff of the MFO's Force Commander.

This announcement culminates over a year of preparatory work and mutual visits to the Sinai and Prague, including an official visit by the Director General to Prague on September 2 of this year.


Czech officers will deploy to take up one year tours in varied roles of assistant to the Chief of Staff, force protection and engineering. The Director General, in making this announcement, stated that the MFO “sees this as the commencement of a long term participation and a valuable resource for the MFO, and we welcome the Czech Republic to the MFO family”.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Italy, Vladimir Zavázal, wrote the Director General and, noting many commitments made by the Czech Republic in support of NATO, OSCE and UN operations abroad, stated:

“A new on-coming military engagement of the Czech Republic in the MFO mission operating in the Sinai, the Arab Republic of Egypt, under the Protocol to the Treaty of Peace between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Israel, is the latest Czech commitment in a foreign military operation and I hope that the Czech Republic will be helpful in preserving the continuity of the important peacekeeping mission in the Sinai.”

The Czech Republic becomes the twelfth troop contributor to the MFO Force, joining Australia, Canada, Colombia, Fiji, France, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Uruguay and the United States of America in support of the MFO mission of peace.