The Government of Finland Provides a Contribution to the MFO

The MFO is pleased to announce that the Government of Finland has made a contribution of €100,000 to support the MFO in its work.

The commitment was conveyed to the MFO Director General by Mr. Teemu Tanner, Director General of the Political Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The contribution demonstrates Finland’s visible and strong commitment to the Peace between Egypt and Israel and to regional stability, and helps to ensure that the MFO can continue to fulfill its mission. It also assists the Director General to maintain his commitment to Egypt and Israel to stabilize their own annual contributions to the MFO at current levels. Uniquely under MFO funding arrangements, peacekeeping under the Peace Treaty of 1979 is primarily financed by the directly interested Parties themselves. A current goal of the MFO's Director General, David Satterfield, is to expand the pool of donors from the international community. For this reason, Finland’s contribution is particularly timely and welcome.

Finland joins an MFO family of supporting states that, in addition to Egypt and Israel, includes twelve troop-contributing countries and five other Donor States.