Forward Operating Base North

The MFO's Forward Operating Base North (FOB-N) is located at el Gorah in the northern Sinai approximately 20 kilometers south of the Mediterranean coastline.


FOB-N provides the required facilities for both the operational and logistical needs of the MFO in the northern sector of Zone C as well as a suitable living and working environment for MFO personnel.

Covering approximately 2.7 square kilometers (660 acres), FOB-N contains such diverse facilities as aviation support buildings, a gymnasium, a theater, barracks, a fire station, administrative buildings, clubs, dining facilities, a Force Exchange, sports fields and a swimming pool.


The utilities that support the camp come from a variety of sources. Water is primarily purchased from local authorities but there are facilities on camp for emergency water production. Electrical power is also provided by regional supply systems with the MFO possessing a reserve generating plant on the base to provide complete redundancy. A wastewater treatment plant on the camp provides the Force with treated, non-potable water for irrigation purposes. This has allowed the Force to sustain extensive plantings of trees, shrubs and some grassed areas which have improved the appearance of the camp along with providing some protection from the wind.