South Camp

The MFO's South Camp, near Sharm el Sheikh on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, is situated on a bluff overlooking the Red Sea.  It houses the Force Headquarters and serves as the logistical and operational base for MFO activities in the southern sector of Zone C.  


The camp also contains necessary facilities to support MFO personnel including a dining facility, housing, laundry services, a Force Exchange, a library, a gymnasium, an adjacent beach, and clubs.

South Camp produces its potable water via the operation of a reverse osmosis desalinization plant located at the site. Reserve capacity is provided by a pipeline connection to a regional commercial water supplier. South Camp is connected to the local Egyptian electrical and sewage systems.


The MFO maintains an electrical generating plant which can provide full emergency backup power. A portion of grey water drainage from the site laundry is utilized for irrigation purposes on the camp.