Czech Republic

The Czech Republic joined the MFO as a Troop Contributing Nation in 2009, and the first Czech Contingent (CZECHCON) soldiers arrived in the Sinai on 17 November.  Initially, the deployment consisted of three staff officers in the following key positions:

- Assistant Chief of Staff in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel;

- Force Protection and Security Officer in the rank of Major; and

- Force Engineering Staff Officer in the rank of Major.

On 4 November 2013, the contingent expanded to include an additional thirteen positions following the provision of a CASA C-295M to take on fixed-wing responsibilities with the MFO, including COU Treaty and transport missions. Two further positions were added in 2016 to support fixed-wing operations.

While the three staff officer positions serve a one-year tour of duty with the MFO, the Fixed Wing Aviation Unit personnel currently serve a four-month tour of duty.