ON-THE-GROUND Life in the Sinai


The MFO’s success as an organization rests with its people in the Sinai; a multinational group of men and women, military and civilian.

MFO members perform a mission that is difficult and at times repetitive.  They do this far from the comforts of home and family in the remote desert environment of the Sinai.

In this environment, MFO members are provided with educational possibilities, welfare, and recreation.



Chaplains and health professionals (medical and dental) are present at both camps. Arrangements are also in place for the treatment of serious illness or injury in cooperating regional hospitals should the need arise.

Facilities are available to cater to most sports including well-equipped gymnasia at both camps run by professional staff. At our northern camp there is a swimming pool and at our southern camp a beach facility on the Red Sea.

The libraries at both camps contain a large selection of books, periodicals, and electronic media in a variety of languages. DVDs, videos, and music CDs are also available for loan. Two Force Exchanges (FX) provide a range of necessities as well as sundry items, magazines, electronics, and clothing at a reasonable prices.

The profits from the FX and MFO sponsored Clubs fund our morale support program. Morale Support tour and travel programs offer a range of excursions and accommodations in Egypt and Israel. Feature films are shown in the theaters, and satellite TV/Radio stations provide programming from various sources and in several languages.

In addition to activities directly supported by the MFO, there are a range of  individual and contingent-sponsored activities and clubs available at both camps.