ON-THE-GROUND Logistical Support & Operations


In November 1981, final decisions were reached on a number of crucial issues regarding supply, communications, and transportation systems for the troops in the Sinai.




To the extent possible, equipment would be standardised to facilitate maintenance. The MFO would develop a unified, efficient and cost-effective logistics system, designed to provide a full range of mission and life support elements - everything from food to aircraft spare parts. Goods and services would be competitively procured from reliable sources of supply preferably in nations financing or supporting the MFO, at the lowest possible cost. The principal supply support in the Sinai would be provided by the U.S. Army's Logistics Support Unit, later renamed the lst Support Battalion, part of the U.S. Contingent.

Services such as food preparation, laundry, recreational services, maintenance of facilities and equipment, groundskeeping, as well as the installation of the communication equipment, would be handled by a private contractor with experience in remote areas