A few days after the signing of the Protocol, it was announced that Mr. Leamon R. Hunt, a retired American diplomat, had been selected by Egypt and Israel as the first Director General of the MFO.

The Protocol Annex assigns the Director General a four year term and responsibility for the overall direction of the MFO. This includes strategic planning, establishment of policy in all areas of MFO administration and operations, maintenance of relations with the governments of both Receiving and Supporting States, determination of Treaty violations, and general management of the organization.


With the concurrence of Egypt and Israel, Director General Hunt then appointed Lieutenant General Fredrik V. Bull-Hansen of Norway as the first Force Commander. The Force Commander serves a term of two years and exercises operational control over the Force and Observers in the Sinai. His duties include reporting any potential issue under Annex I of the Treaty of Peace to the Director General, and after coordination with the Director General, reporting of violations to both Parties.

The Force Commander establishes a chain of command linked to the commanders of the national contingents and maintains the good order of the Force.

Director General Hunt established a temporary headquarters in the Washington, D.C. suburb of Alexandria, Virginia, and began the task of directing the construction of the necessary camps, remote operational sites, and the MFO's road network in the Sinai. With the concurrence of both Parties, he began to negotiate agreements for the participation of those nations that would supply contingents to the MFO. At the same time, Director General Hunt began developing the MFO's organizational concept, including the necessary supply, transportation, and communication systems to support the Force in the Sinai.