The MFO's Forward Operating Base North (FOB-N) is located at el Gorah in north Sinai approximately 20 kilometers south of the Mediterranean coastline.

FOB-N provides required facilities for both the operational and logistical needs of the MFO in the northern sector of Zone C as well as suitable living and working environments for MFO personnel.



Covering approximately 2.7 square kilometers (660 acres), FOB-N contains such diverse facilities as aviation support buildings, a gymnasium, a theater, accommodation, laundry services, a fire station, administrative buildings, clubs, a dining facility, a Force Exchange, sports fields, and a swimming pool.

The camp is self-sufficient for base operations and utilities support. Water is provided by on-site wells and a water purification unit. Electrical power is provided by an on-site power plant using primary and back-up diesel generator systems. There is also a wastewater treatment plant that provides treated, non-potable water for irrigation purposes which allows the cultivation of trees, shrubs, and natural grass sports fields.