Troop contributor: 19822022
Current strength: 78

Italy has provided the MFO's Coastal Patrol Unit (CPU) since 1982.  The mission of the CPU is to observe and report Treaty-related activities  at sea, thus providing naval operational support of the MFO mission. In accordance with Article V of the Treaty and the Protocol, the CPU also conducts naval patrols in the Strait of Tiran and its approaches to ensure that freedom of navigation is maintained.


The Italian Contingent, consists of seventy eight sailors and marines and is commanded by a Navy Commander.  All personnel are part of the CPU except one Officer who works as the Senior Staff Officer for Naval Matters and another that works in the Liaison branch.

At any one time, the CPU operates three Esploratore-class patrol vessels constructed specifically with the MFO mission in mind.  Four vessels - the ITS Esploratore (P405), ITS Sentinella (P406), ITS Vedetta (P407), and ITS Staffetta (P408) - are part of a rotational cycle of deployment that returns one vessel to Brindisi, Italy for periodic maintenance.

During the period March 2004-2007, Italy also provided the MFO's Force Commander, MG Roberto Martinelli.

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