The Norwegian Contingent (NORCON) consists of three staff officers.  They hold the following key positions:  Director, Commander's Initiative Group (Colonel), Force Field Liaison Officer (Major), and Senior Staff Officer Plans (Major).

The Norwegians have been with the MFO since its inception.  Over one hundred Norwegians have served with the Force.  Norway has also provided a total of four Force Commanders:  LTG Frederick Bull-Hansen (1982 to 1984), LTG Egil Ingebrigsten (1984 to 1989), MG Tryggve Tellefsen (1997 to 2001), and MG Kjell Ludvigsen (2007 to 2010).  In addition to providing personnel in support of the MFO mission, Norway has contributed funding towards the MFO’s Civilian Observer Unit since 2007.

For Norwegian officers, service in the Sinai is voluntary, and assignment to the MFO is highly desirable and sought after within the Norwegian Army. Norwegians serve a one-year tour of duty with the MFO.

Although small in numbers, Norwegian contingent personnel participate across the range of military, sporting, and cultural activities offered by the Force including hosting the popular Norwegian Christmas Party.