Uruguay has provided a contingent to the MFO since 1982.  Currently, the contingent provides a Transport and Engineering Unit (TREU) in support of the MFO mission.

The Contingent

  • The Transport Section of experienced drivers operates and drives the MFO fleet of trucks, busses, and light vehicles transporting personnel and cargo throughout the mission area. Uruguayans drive more than 3,000,000 kilometers annually, making a significant contribution to the Force.  The high standard of the drivers contributes strongly to decreasing vehicle accidents, reducing repair costs, and undue wear and tear on the Force's fleet of vehicles.
  • The Engineering Unit is responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of supply routes, access roads to MFO remote sites, gravel roads on both camps, helipads and support construction activities as directed by the Force Engineering Officer.
  • The Contingent also provides a Staff Officer who liaises between the Force Transportation Office and the Uruguayan Transportation Unit.
  • Contingent personnel are posted unaccompanied to the Sinai and rotate every twelve months. The Uruguayans serving with the MFO are all volunteers and are trained three months in advance of joining the MFO mission at the Uruguayan Army Peace Keeping Operations Center. Approximately half of the contingent have been with the MFO two or more times and have also served in UN missions.
  • In addition to mission tasks, Uruguayan personnel are enthusiastic participants in all Force sporting activities and social events. They also use their time in the Sinai to travel extensively around the region.
  • Serving with the MFO is a unique experience and Uruguayan soldiers are very proud to contribute their knowledge and experience to enhance the effectiveness of the mission.