The MFO offers a range of employment opportunities to civilians who form the backbone of our mission of peace in support of Egypt and Israel. 

Currently, we employ a total of approximately 140 direct hire international civilian staff across our offices in Rome, Tel Aviv, and Cairo and two military bases in Sinai, Egypt.  Most international employment contracts are for two-years renewable, with either single or accompanied status, and include free housing and comprehensive medical coverage.  MFO international civilian employees may also be eligible for tax reimbursement.  The base salary scale for international civilian employees is provided below.

MFO international civilian employees assigned to the Sinai also enjoy free meals, recreational facilities, and annual travel benefits.  For positions based in the Sinai, Egypt, the MFO prefers individuals with prior Middle East experience and who are self-starters with excellent communications skills. They should have the ability to live in a relatively austere environment.

The MFO Embraces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness

At the MFO, we seek candidates of the highest integrity and professionalism who share our commitment to peace and regional stability. We are strongly committed to ensuring workforce diversity; particularly in terms of gender and ethnicity. We believe that by promoting fairness in the workplace and fostering a culture of inclusiveness, we can attract the best talent.  We strive to create a work environment in which employees feel valued and have the opportunity to excel regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.  We do not tolerate any kind of harassment, abuse, or discrimination.

The MFO regrets it cannot respond to all applicants.


MFO People Strategy 2021-25

Current positions
Mar 21, 2018

Civilian Observer

Sinai, Egypt

Serves as a member of the MFO’s Civilian Observer Unit. Verifies and reports on the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel in the four designated zones of the Sinai Peninsula. Conducts verification missions by air and ground during multiple day missions. Operates in harsh terrain, often on rudimentary roads in all weather conditions.

This is an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic and driven people looking to live and work in an international community.

The MFO is looking for candidates with strong analytical skills and a background/experience in international relations.

Must be a US citizen and possess a bachelor’s degree.


2-year, unaccompanied contract, attractive salary, benefits and housing, food and medical care included. May be eligible for tax free status.

This is an MFO Grade 10, Step 5 position.


POSITION TITLE: Civilian Observer
DEPARTMENT: Civilian Observer Unit (COU)
CATEGORY: International Staff -- Grade 10/ Step 5
LOCATION: Sinai, Egypt
DATE: 25 February 2021
REPORTS DIRECTLY TO: Chief, Civilian Observer Unit (CCOU)

All MFO Personnel serving in the Sinai are under the authority of the Force Commander.

Job Summary:
Serves as an observer to verify and report on the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel in the four designated zones of the Sinai Peninsula. Conducts verification missions by air and ground during multiple day missions. Operates in harsh terrain, often on rudimentary roads in all weather conditions.


• Acts as a team leader or team member, participates in twice-monthly reconnaissance and twice-monthly verifications missions conducted by helicopter or fixed wing aircraft in all four treaty zones. When assigned as team leader for a specific mission, he/she is responsible for successful mission accomplishment in coordination with other observers.

• Responsible for training and evaluating new observers in all aspects of reconnaissance and verification duties as well as the specific aspects of each mission area.

• Develops and maintains a high level of proficiency in map reading, land navigation, radio communication procedures, first aid, recognition of accountable military equipment and weapons of both Treaty Parties, off-road driving in the desert, and individual counter-terrorism measures.

• Regularly creates oral and written reports on mission results that present concise analysis to senior leaders.

• Following qualification as an observer, may be designated to serve as the COU Operations Officer on a one-year rotational basis.

• Performs additional duties in direct support of the COU or the Force, as assigned by CCOU.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Understanding of the techniques of air/ground reconnaissance.

• Basic proficiency in map reading and land navigation.

• Basic knowledge of military equipment, organization, weapons systems.

• High level of proficiency in MS Office Suite.

• Ability to learn quickly, adapt to new surroundings and different cultures as well as work collegially and diplomatically in a multinational environment.

• Ability to work long hours day and night for several days at a time.

• Ability to convey complex information in a comprehensible manner.

• Ability to work in a desert climate, adaptability to a hardship assignment with regional leave travel subject to force protection measures.

• Valid driver’s license and the ability to drive in a rough desert environment.

• Ability to learn the employment of HF/VHF radio communications equipment.

• Ability to live and work with soldiers from different countries in a relatively austere environment.

• Basic proficiency with Arabic/Hebrew preferred.

Education and Experience:

• US citizenship required.

• Bachelor’s Degree.

• Honorable service in the US Armed Forces (Field Grade Officer or Senior Enlisted Advisor), Foreign Service, or other US government agency with comparable experience.

• Graduate of a US Armed Forces Staff College or comparable US government school.

• Middle East experience preferred.



Sinai-based International Civilian Employee Total Annual Salaries (in USD)


GRADE Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10
13 175,340


179,286 181,260 183,231 185,206 187,178 189,150 191,123 193,096
12 145,377 148,706 152,036 155,364 158,693 162,024 165,353 168,681 172,010 175,340
11 126,511 129,348 132,183 135,021 137,854 140,692 143,527 146,365 149,201 152,036
10 104,317 108,015 111,714 115,413 119,112 122,813 126,511 130,211 133,909 137,610
9 89,891 93,219 96,548 99,878 103,205 106,536 109,867 113,194 116,524 119,852
8 78,793 81,504 84,219 86,930 89,644 92,355 95,068 97,782 100,494 103,205
7 68,804 71,148 73,489 75,833 78,175 80,518 82,862 85,203 87,546 89,891
6 58,816 61,036 63,257 65,476 67,693 69,914 72,134 74,353 76,573 78,793
5 51,048 53,020 54,995 56,967 58,941 60,913 62,885 64,859 66,832 68,804


Additional Information

  • Other MFO locations: The total annual salaries of MFO international civilian employees based in Rome, Cairo or Tel Aviv will differ due to location specific post-allowances which take into account U.S. Dept. of State post location allowances and average family sizes.
  • The Director General’s salary is set based on U.S. Government and international organization comparators. The Force Commander’s salary is set using an Assistant Secretary General level comparator for regional UN peacekeeping Force Commander positions.