Supporting Peace

The people of the MFO serve a historic mission in support of peace and regional stability.

Serving alongside the MFO’s military contingents is an exceptionally talented civilian workforce of about 160 people directly hired by the MFO and employed across all MFO locations: Sinai, Representative Offices in Cairo and Tel Aviv, and Headquarters in Rome. The MFO civilian workforce consists of two categories of employee: International Staff and Non-International Technical and Administrative Support Staff.

International Staff

The MFO employs an International Staff of about 130 civilians who are recruited on the open job market. The vast majority of the MFO’s International Staff positions are in Sinai. Of note, just under 20% of the Sinai positions belong to the MFO’s Civilian Observer Unit and are required by Treaty-related provisions to be filled by US citizens. Outside Sinai, there are a small number of International Staff positions: 12 positions at the MFO Headquarters in Rome and a total of three positions in Cairo and Tel Aviv. The MFO accepts applicants of any origin and does not maintain quotas based on nationality.

Non-International Technical and Administrative Support Staff (National Staff)

The MFO employs about 30 staff between the Headquarters in Rome, Italy, and the Representative Office in Tel Aviv, Israel. These people are recruited locally in Italy and Israel and carry out a variety of technical and administrative functions.

Additionally, local contract employees perform a wide range of essential functions in support of the MFO’s military contingents and civilian workforce in Sinai and Cairo.

See the list of current vacancies below or simply apply as a general applicant.

Current vacancies

Electrical Supervisor

Sinai, Egypt

The Multinational Force and Observers seeks an experienced Electrical Supervisor to conduct routine maintenance, diagnose and repair electrical problems, and perform diagnostics on existing low voltage systems in compliance with organizational safety requirements. He/She will be responsible for the daily management of a local team of approx. 12 people.

The position is in Sinai, Egypt, in an international work community consisting of military and civilian personnel of numerous nationalities.


Experience Required

The successful candidate will:

  • hold City and Guilds qualifications, with 10 years of experience in electrical systems and power distribution panels, including 3 years of supervisory experience;
  • be able to interpret blueprints, prepare electrical schematic drawings, and statements of work;
  • be familiar with SAP to record work status and order materials; and
  • be fluent in written and spoken English.

A two-year renewable, unaccompanied-status contract, including housing, meals, health insurance and recreational facilities is offered. May be eligible for tax free status.

This is an MFO Grade 6 position which carries a total annual salary of USD $63,257.

Women are especially encouraged to apply.

Employment Opportunities with the Civilian Observer Unit

Civilian Employees in Numbers


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Total employees 162

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