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Aug 25, 2021

MFO Spotlight: ITCON

The MFO speaks to Lieutenant (Navy) Sandro Semeraro from the Italian Contingent (ITCON). Lieutenant Semeraro is currently serving admirably with the MFO as the Commanding Officer of the ITS Esploratore, one of the four vessels provided to the MFO by Italy for our Coastal Patrol Unit. The Coastal Patrol Unit plays an important Protocol function by ensuring freedom of navigation through the Strait of Tiran in accordance with Article V of the Treaty of Peace. For more information on ITCON please see the following link.

Aug 4, 2021


The MFO speaks to First Lieutenant Antonin Scherzl from the Czech Republic’s Contingent (CZECHCON). Lieutenant Scherzl served with the MFO for four and a half months earlier this year and contributed greatly to the MFO mission as the Chief of Maintenance of the Czech-provided CASA aircraft. The CASA plays a vital role in MFO operations by supporting COU verification/reconnaissance missions, Treaty Party Bilateral meetings, and the movement of MFO personnel and goods. For more information on CZECHCON please see the following link.

Jul 29, 2021

40th Anniversary of Protocol Signing

August 3, 2021, marks the 40th anniversary of the creation of the MFO with the signing of the Protocol to the Treaty of Peace between Egypt and Israel. The Protocol established the overall structure, authorities, and responsibilities of the MFO, enabling us to begin our mission. The accompanying photos show the first raising of the MFO flag in Sinai in April 1982.

Jul 15, 2021

Supporting States Visit – July 8, 2021


On July 8, the MFO's Force and Observers in Sinai welcomed representatives from fourteen MFO Supporting States (Australia, Canada, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States) to the MFO’s South Camp.

Jun 25, 2021

MFO-Egypt-Israel Meeting, Rome, Italy

The MFO was pleased to host delegations from Egypt and Israel at its headquarters in Rome, Italy, June 22-25. This was the first opportunity for the delegations to meet at MFO Headquarters since the onset of COVID.

Jun 21, 2021

MFO Spotlight: CANCON

The MFO speaks to Corporal Matsos from the Canadian Contingent (CANCON). Corporal Matsos contributed, over a period of six months, to the MFO mission as one of our Flight Followers and played a critical role in our Air Operations. For more information on CANCON please see the following link.

May 13, 2021

MFO Spotlight: Our Local Egyptian Contractor Staff

The MFO speaks with Mr. Hamed Hassan Awaad, one of our locally engaged Egyptian Contractor Staff from Care Services Limited, on his experience working within our organization. Mr. Awaad has filled various positions in over twenty years of service with the MFO. Currently, he is the Work Order Control Supervisor and Material Expeditor in our Force Engineering Office located in Sinai.

Apr 16, 2021

Australia and New Zealand Provide Medical Support


The MFO greatly appreciates the generous and prompt offers of medical support from Australia and New Zealand to help identify and treat cases of COVID among our personnel. 

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News & Media Memorial Service for Mr. Mobariz

Apr 12, 2021

Memorial Service for Mr. Mobariz

On April 6, 2021, the MFO’s Cairo Office held a memorial service in honor of Mr. Ashraf Mobariz, our Senior Liaison and Security Officer in Cairo, who died on November 5, 2020, due to complications from COVID-19. The event was attended by Mr. Mobariz’s son, two of his siblings, his colleagues from our Cairo Office staff, MG Samer Kamal, Chief of Egypt’s Liaison Agency with International Organizations, and the MFO’s Director General, Ambassador Beecroft.

The event provided an occasion for his family, colleagues, and friends to exchange their memories of Mr. Mobariz, share their fondness for him, and celebrate his remarkable life. During the memorial, his family was presented with the MFO Director General’s Award which Mr. Mobariz was awarded posthumously for his many contributions to peace between Egypt and Israel. In addition, an area of the MFO office garden was dedicated to his memory, replete with a commemorative bench and plaque, and the symbolic planting of an olive tree donated by our colleagues from our office in Tel Aviv.